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    I thought it’d be hard to outdo your last one, but i was wrong.

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    Brilliant, right on target yet again…

    Meh, they all stand for absolutely nothing – they collectively stick their heads above the parapet like meerkats and see which way the wind is blowing, something that Johnny Howard got down to an art form.

    Case in point: Senator Penny Wong. She went on the record in 2011 while in government as saying that she would respect the traditions of the institution of marriage but now-days she would probably deny that she ever even said such a thing… obviously the wind is now blowing from a different direction. Last week she was in Fairfax saying that we need to dump the ANZUS treaty because the US has elected a president that she doesn’t like, yet in 2010 she gave a speech to parliament telling us all that she supported the ANZUS treaty and that sometimes it was important to take unpopular ‘multilateral’ action (she was talking about Australia supporting US action in Afghanistan).

    What will she think next week? What do any of those people stand for except their own personal vested interests and getting re-elected?

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      Um, heaven forbid we allow gay marriage, eh?


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